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Stairways & Walkways

nj stairways and walkways
A great way to keep your home safe and functional is with quality stairways and walkways. After all, we have to get about, so shouldn’t our means of getting about our property are safe and secure?

It most certainly should. And to allow the safest maneuverability throughout your home, call American Masonry Service to construct and install quality stairways and walkways for your home!


With American Masonry Service, you will get the most solidly constructed stairs in your home. No matter how big or small the job is, our team of masonry contractors has the know-how to construct solid dependable stairs in little time.

You need stairs that won’t buckle and send you tumbling, and with our solidly constructed stairs, you will get the safest and most dependable stairs for your money!


Any home can benefit from walkways. After all, you’ll have to traverse the outside of your home for a variety of reasons: to get to and from your car, to handle outside work, to take out the trash, etc.

To handle these outdoor chores in the safest and cleanest manner possible, call the contractors at American Masonry Service to construct those walkways that are sturdy and beautiful.

With a walkway constructed by us, you can enjoy safe and reliable walkways as well as the most beautiful and most valuable home possible. If you want to enjoy high-quality walkways, call American Masonry Service today!

If you need a stairway or walkway constructed for your New Jersey home, then give us a call at 201-358-2828 or complete our online request form.

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