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Your Experienced New Jersey Mason Contractor

For years, we at American Masonry Service have provided homeowners and business owners in New Jersey with quality masonry work, including driveways, pavers, stucco, and cultured stone. All of our work comes with a quality guarantee, so with us, you’ll enjoy the best masonry work around.

If you want to make your property as valuable and as beautiful as can be, call us for guaranteed high-quality masonry installations at a great price!

new jersey fireplace

Chimneys & Fireplaces

When your chimney’s or fireplace’s mortar has worn down, you won’t be able to maintain a reliable fire. More than that, your fireplace could send smoke and dangerous gasses into your home.

Should your chimney or fireplace need any kind of work done, call us. With our chimney and fireplace repairs, we’ll ensure that you’ll always be able to start a safe, reliable fire.

We also offer fireplace and chimney construction. If you’re looking to combat the cold in the coziest and most economical way possible, call us for a brand-new, custom-built chimney!

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new jersey brick pointing

Brick Pointing

Brick offers a beautiful look and reliable protection for your home, but like anything, your brick can wear away over the years. If your brick’s pointing is suffering from this wear, allowing water into your home, call us for a reliable brick repointing that will keep your home protected for many more years to come.

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brick walls

Retaining & Brick Walls

If you want to add levels to your garden, you need a retaining wall. A retaining wall will hold back soil, helping you to build a garden laterally, so even if your garden is limited on space, you can accommodate all your plants.

If you want a retaining wall or a brick wall for your property, call American Masonry Service. Our experienced masonry contractors will get a durable, high-quality retaining or brick wall built for you in no time flat!

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Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced local company that prides itself on providing quality work to all residents in New Jersey. For years, we have provided quality masonry work of all kinds to suit all your needs. Do you want that quality of work at a great price? Then call us today!

If you are looking for a New Jersey Mason then please call 201-358-2828 or complete our online request form.

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